Welcome to Blue Empress Music Group

Founded in 2001 by Australian Anglican theologian, musicologist, and entrepreneur Steve 'Bluespreacher' Clarke, the Blue Empress Music Group has grown to an international company serving the Blues and  Roots community worldwide.  Steve, a former jazz musician, has spent many years exploring the interface between religion, society, social justice, and the arts.  He initially formed the Blue Empress Music Group to support the career of his wife, Blues artist Fiona Boyes.  Since 2001 BEMG has expanded with offices in Australia and the United States and now offers its services to a range of musicians, Festivals, churches, and community groups worldwide.

With three primary agencies, BEMG consists of
Blue Empress Artists (the management and promotional arm), Blue Empress Records (the recording and production arm), and The Blues Preacher
(exploring the interface between religion, society, and the arts).

The Blue Empress Music Group is commited to:

*  advocating social justice through the arts 
*  the discovery of emerging talent
*  the development of established artists 
*  creating world-class recordings
*  promoting live performance 
*  resourcing Festivals, promoters, club owners, and community groups 
*  presenting 'Blessings & Blues' concerts worldwide

to reflect the extraordinary and unique tradition of THE BLUES