When I moved to a very beautiful, but flood prone, area on the mighty Clarence River in NSW,  Australia, it seemed like everybody here had a flood story.  Drinking wine and admiring the work of local artist Wayne Gilholm, I asked him about recurring themes in his paintings.  He simply said, 'I like angels and boats.'   Not long after I wrote this lovely ballad, while sitting on Wayne's front porch looking out at the river.  For some reason, the theme has got into my soul, inspiring not only the song but dozens of images. (See gallery below.)

On an invitation to create a piece for a local art event, themed on the Clarence River, I made this print design and embellished the original print with oil & acrylic paints, soft coloured pencil, ink washes, and gold leaf.  I'd already been experimenting with re-purposing polystyrene take away containers, using them  to make small printing blocks.  They are not very robust, and limited in size - so, I wondered how I could a larger image?   This design is made of 6 hinged panels of thin polystyrene and required very delicate handling to make each print!   I printed onto fine quality acid-free 300 gsm watercolour paper, sometimes under-printing a section, or using gold leaf, or using different means of hand colouring and decoration.

'Angels & Boats' - Arrival
  • 'Angels & Boats' - Arrival
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Block print 13" x 19" image, hand decorated with acrylic and oil paints, semi-matt glaze, and gold leaf. The visible 'panel' marks inherent in this design reminded me of stained glass windows in churches, so I added some joyful colour.

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